Valuations are prepared for an array of purposes.

These are;

  • First Mortgage

  • Financial Reporting

  • Analysing various Options for Development

  • Statutory Rating and Taxing

  • Capital Gains Tax Assessments

  • Margin Scheme Assessments

  • Stamp Duty

  • Joint Venture Negotiation


The fundamental task when valuing property is to establish Highest and Best Use.

To do so requires experience and understanding. Our staff are skilled in identification of issues influencing Highest and Best Use outcomes for all property types.

This skill is most often required when assessing Market Value Outcomes for Development Sites and property that is developed with functionally obsolete structures/buildings.

Many Development Approvals that are granted do not represent the Highest and Best Use opportunity for a site. Evaluation of a development proposal prior to lodging a development application is necessary and requires an understanding of demographics, market research,site due diligence, town planning, construction, marketing and financial analysis.

Skills obtained through the valuation of development options are applied to other areas of property advice and assist to identify strategies for achieving Highest and Best Use outcomes.

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