Landsburys works with clients throughout development and investment cycles providing Strategic Advice that maximises realestate outcomes. Examples include:


  • Provide input for preliminary project planning.

  • Generate inputs for financial feasibility analysis.

  • Demonstrate potential for a new product or unproven location.

  • Attract equity investors, debt financing or government funds.

  • Create better, more marketable product.

  • Build community support for private development.

  • Produce input for public sector housing or economic development planning.


Landsburys feasibility studies have a primary focus on:


Site Suitability – Whether a location is suitable for development.


Town Planning – Opportunities and constraints imposed by planning controls.


Product Identification – Identify a product or mix of products that best meets the demands of the market.


Competition Analysis – Identify existing and potential competition and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the proposed project.


Demand Analysis – Identify the nature and depth of demand.


Price Structure – Suggest project pricing and staging.


Cashflow Analysis – Identify Inputs and timings.


Marketing Strategy – Devise a marketing plan to maximise take up and exposure.


Project Restructuring – Understand why a product is not selling or leasing as expected.

Strategic Advisory Studies can span all property types and include:


  • Highest and Best Use Studies.

  • Market Studies.

  • Property Research.

  • Demographics.

  • Value Add Strategies.

  • Feasibility Advice and Discounted Cash Flow Advice.

  • Development Option Identification, Evaluation and Sensitivity Testing.

  • Distressed Property Evaluation and Strategy.

Strategic Advice

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