• Patrick Ewing

Thursday, 13th June 2019

New South Wales

Heritage Listed Office Space Sold (AFR)

  • 312m² of office space in the heritage-listed office building at 9 Barrack Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 has been sold to Sydney architect A+ Design Group doe $4 million ($12,821/m²).

  • The architect will move its headquarters to the space from its previous tenancy in St Leonards in the lower north shore.

South-west Sydney Industrial Sale (AFR)

  • Eilbeck Management Services has parted with $5.5 million ($727/m²) for the acquisition of a 7565m² undeveloped industrial site at 41 Broadhurst Road, Ingleburn, NSW 2565.

  • The property has approval for a new warehouse development.

Undeveloped Western Sydney Sites Sold (AFR)

  • A 1048m² undeveloped site at 20-22 Hume Highway, Warwick Farm, NSW 2170 has been purchased for $1.72 million ($1,641/m²). The site is zoned for a high-density residential development with a floor space ratio of 2:1.

  • The 1747m² undeveloped lot at 6A Watsford Road, Campbelltown, NSW has been purchased for $1.9 million ($1088/m²). The site has the potential to be turned into a service station or a childcare centre and has a height limit of 15 metres.


New Medical Centre Sold (AFR)

  • A local investor has purchased the new, fully leased Pimpama Medical Centre on Yawalpah Road, Pimpana, QLD, 4209 for $6.5 million, on a yield of 6.5%.


East Melbourne Office Building Sold (AFR)

  • A two-storey office building at 635 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, VIC, 3127 has been sold for $5.7 million ($5,638/m²). The 1011m² site includes 33 car spaces.

$7 Million Warehouse in North Melbourne (AFR)

  • A 4410m² warehouse at 1620 Sydney Road, Campbellfield, VIC, 3061 has been purchased for $7 million ($1,587/m²) by a local owner occupier.

  • The warehouse occupies a 2.28ha site and has dual entrances at 1620 Sydney Road and 46 Paulson Road.

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