• Patrick Ewing

Thursday, 14th March 2019

New South Wales

Dulwich Hill Development Site Offloaded (AFR)

  • $4.47 million has been parted with by private developers for the 1805m² ($2476.45/m²) residential development site at 40-42 Cobar Street, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203. A development application for 19 units has been applied for the site ($235,263.16/unit).


University of Queensland Acquires Office Site (AFR)

  • 4431m² of office space has been purchased by The University of Queensland for $17 Million ($3836.61/m²). The building at 74 High Street, Toowong QLD 4066 is located next to the university’s main campus.


Fitzroy Landholding Bought for $8.13 Million (AFR)

  • A 2141m² site with residential but predominately commercial land has been purchased by a local developer for $8.13 million ($3797.29/m²). The site at 378-290 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North VIC 3068 contains a 226m² pocket of land available for residential development and comes with plans for a six-level apartment building.

Vacant Industrial Site Bought on the Morning Peninsula (AFR)

  • The vacant 8500m² industrial site at 6-8 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud VIC 3939 has sold to a local developer for $2.25 million ($264.71/m²).

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