• Patrick Ewing

Thursday, 8th February 2018

New South Wales

Blacktown Office Sold

  • Quintoc Pty Ltd has acquired the whole of level-one at 130 Main Street, Blacktown 2148 with a total GFA of 1,307m² for $4.46million ($3,412/m² of GFA).


Preston Industrial Land Sold

  • Point Property Group has acquired a vacant industrial land parcel with a total site area of 1.35ha at 28-44 Albert Street, Preston 3072 for $8.6million ($633/m²).

Blackburn Childcare Centre Sold

  • Private Investors have acquired a childcare centre with a site area of 2,007m² at 502-504 Middleborough Road, Blackburn 3130 for $9million ($4,484/m²).

Mill Park Industrial Facility Sold

  • A private investor has acquired an industrial facility with a total GFA of 11,420m² at 20-30 Heaths Court, Mill Park 3082 for $7million ($613/m² of GFA).

Tullamarine Office/Warehouse Property Sold

  • A private local investor has acquired an office/warehouse building with a total GFA of 5,272m² at 5-9 Elata Drive, Tullamarine 3043 for $5.1million ($967/m² of GFA).

Torquay Shopping Centre Sold

  • David Feldman has acquired the Torquay Village Shopping Centre with a GFA of 6,780m² at the corner of Bristol Road and Payne Street, Torquay 3228 for $35million ($5,162/m² of GFA).


Goodna Industrial Facility Sold

  • Silverfin Capital Limited has acquired the Schweppes Australia production facility with a GFA of 941m² at 316 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna 4300 for $10million ($10,627/m² of GFA).

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