• Patrick Ewing

Tuesday, 6th February 2018

New South Wales

Sydney Retail Space Leased

  • Shinka Hair has signed a new five-year lease for 115m² at 172 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000 on a gross annual rent of $140,000 ($1,217/m²)

Sydney South Office Leased

  • Liddy design has leased a 139m² luxury office for three-years at Unit 1.27, 90-96 Bourke Road, Alexandria 2015 on a gross annual rent of $500/m².


Kensington Office/Warehouse Leased

  • A private tenant has leased an office/warehouse on a three-year lease with 368m² of GFA at 91 Bakehouse Road, Kensington 3031 on a net annual rent of $55,000 ($149/m²).

Preston Commercial Space Leased

  • The Parliament of Victoria has leased a 183m² commercial place on an eight-year lease at a gross annual rent of $62,200 ($340/m²).

Sunshine West Industrial Facility Leased

  • Britax Childcare Products have leased a 2,112m² industrial facility on a five-year lease at 68 Boundary Road, Sunshine West 3020 at a net annual rent of $158,400 ($75/m²).


Robina Office Leased

  • Frigo Adamson Legal Services have leased a 176m² office space at 203 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina 4226 for seven years at a gross annual rent of $495/m².

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