• Patrick Ewing

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New South Wales

Campbelltown Industrial Lease (

  • National Indoor Sports has leased a 1,070m² warehouse for 7 years at 7 Watsofrd Road, Campbelltown for $128/m² gross p.a.

Sydney Office Lease Wrap (

  • Khoom-Poofah has leased a 72m² office space for 4 years at 8 Lachlan Street, Waterloo for $533/m² gross p.a.

  • Railways & Transport Health Fund has leased a 476m² office space for 2 years at 491-493 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills for $441/m² gross p.a.

  • Hoban Recruitent has leased a 351m² office space for 6 years at 197 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills for $280/m² net p.a.


South Yarra Retail Lease (

  • KISSKILL Lingerie has leased a 136m² retail space for 5 years at 509 Chapel Street, South Yarra for $808/m² net p.a.

Melbourne Office Lease Wrap (

  • ArcBlue Consultancy has leased a 120m² office space for 3 years at 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne for $650/m² gross p.a.

  • Finsure Financial has leased a 441m² office space for 5 years at 468 St Kilda Road, Melbourne for $360/m² net p.a.

Melbourne Office and Warehouse Lease Wrap (

  • Kuga Australia has leased a 1,742m² office and warehouse property for 7 years at 23 Lionel Road, Mount Waverley for $92/m² net p.a.

  • BKS Centre has leased a 1,818m² office and warehouse property for 5 years at 866 Cooper Street, Somerton for $95/m² net p.a.

  • Australian Fusion has leased a 1,570m² office and warehouse property for 5 years at 344 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne for $220/m² gross p.a.


Burleigh Heads Industrial Lease (

  • Atlanks has leased a 680m² industrial building for 5 years at 8 Flagstone Drive, Burleigh Heads for $88/m² net p.a.

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