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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New South Wales

Minchinbury Industrial Facility Leasehold Sold (

  • LOGOS has acquired the 54-year ground lease for an 88,555m² industrial facility at 69 Sargents Road, Minchinbury for $161 million ($1,818/m² of GBA), reflecting a yield of 8.63%.

  • The facility occupies a 21.45ha site area and is subject to a 5 year lease to Woolworths.

  • Woolworths own the freehold.

Brookvale Office Space Leased (

  • Ramsay Health Care has leased a 58m² office space at 117 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale for $524/m² net p.a.

Sydney Industrial Lease Wrap (

  • Foxcom Australia has leased a 1,036m² warehouse for 4 years at 2 Muir Place, Wetherill Park for $115/m² net p.a.

  • The Design Ark Pty Ltd has leased a 455m² office and warehouse property for 5 years at 125a Houston Road, Kingsford for $250/m² gross p.a.


Melbourne Industrial Lease Wrap (

  • RAPHA has leased a 400m² warehouse for 10 years at 32 Guildford Lane, Melbourne for $625/m² net p.a.

  • The City of Melbourne has leased a 1,910m² warehouse for six months at 7 Raleigh Street, Spotswood for $7.33/m² gross p.a.

  • Oz Design Furniture has leased a 1,000m² showroom for six years at 44 Victor Crescent, Narre Warren for approximately $200/m² gross p.a.

  • Crema Constructions has leased a 2,000m² office and warehouse property for 3 years at 90 Turner Street, Port Melbourne for $121/m² gross p.a.

  • Nelson Global Products Australia has leased a 5,285m² industrial facility for 5 years at 317 Abbotts Road, Dandenong for $70/m² net p.a.

Melbourne Office Lease Wrap (

  • Landrum & Brown has leased a 525m² office space for 5 years at 114 Flinders Street, Melbourne for $575/m² gross p.a.

  • HR Legal has leased a 320m² office space for 5 years at 32 Garden Street, South Yarra for $385/m² net p.a.

  • Austin Education has leased a 170m² office space for 3 years at 460 Collins Street, Melbourne for $375/m² gross p.a.

  • Project One has leased a 280m² creative office space for 2 years at 52 Stephenson Street, Richmond for $204/m² net p.a.

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