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Monday, 19 September 2016

New South Wales

Sydney Auction Clearance Rates (

  • Sydney recorded an auction clearance rate of 85% over the weekend with 567 properties listed.

Sydney Retail Lease Wrap (

  • Martin Sales has leased a 191m² retail space for 5 years at 1-3 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery for $785/m² gross p.a.

  • The Honey Hub has leased a 25m² retail space for 5 years at 501 George Street, Sydney for $2,800/m² gross p.a.

Sydney Office Lease Wrap (

  • JGRT has leased a 682m² office space for 5 years at 8 Herbert Street, St Leonards for $308/m² gross p.a.

Sydney Industrial Lease Wrap (

  • 85 Degrees Coffee Australia has leased a 5,314m² industrial site for 7 years at 152 Miller Road, Chester Hill for $92.50/m² net p.a.

  • Baco Group has leased a 100m² industrial unit for 2 years at 172 Milperra Road, Revesby for $230/m² gross p.a.


Melbourne Auction Clearance Rates (

  • Melbourne recorded an auction clearance rate of 80% over the weekend with 792 properties listed.

Melbourne Office Space Leased (

  • Denton Corker Marshall has leased 991m² of office space for 8 years at 55 Collins Street, Melbourne for $600-$700/m² gross p.a.

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