• Patrick Ewing

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New South Wales

Sydney Office Suite Leased (AFR Pg.30)

  • Aquion has leased a 296m² office space for 4 years at 80 Clarence Street, Sydney for $650/m² gross p.a.

Sydney Office Space Subleased (AFR Pg.30)

  • NSW Department of Planning and Environment has subleased 8,500m² of office space for 3 years at 320 Pitt Street, Sydney for approximately $450/m² gross p.a.


Melbourne Office Lease Wrap (AFR Pg.30)

  • John Holland has leased a 1,556m² office space at 121 Cardigan Street, Carlton for $380/m² gross p.a.

  • Jing Yin Wealth Management has leased a 700m² office space for 5 years at 21 Moray Street, Southbank for $270/m² net p.a.

  • Sensu has leased a 280m² office space for 10 years at 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne for $600/m² gross p.a.

Melbourne Retail Lease Wrap (AFR Pg.30)

  • A private retailer has leased an 80m² retail property for 3 years at 1020 High Street, Armadale for $700/m² net p.a.

  • A private operator has leased a 200m² retail property for 5 years at 134 Toorak Road, South Yarra for $750/m² net p.a.

  • Mono Lab has leased a 150m² retail property for 3 years at 36 Toorak Road, South Yarra for $700/m² gross p.a.

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