• Patrick Ewing

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New South Wales

Sydney Department Store Sold (AFR Pg.29)

  • Scentre Group and CBUS have acquired the David Jones Market Street Department Store at 77 Market Street, Sydney for $360 million ($16,830/m² of NLA), reflecting a yield of 4.5%.

  • Scentre will pay $182.5 million and CBUS will pay $177.5 million.

  • The 13-storey building comprises 21,390m² of NLA and occupies a 2,537m² site area.

  • The property was sold subject to a leaseback agreement until 2019.

Mosman Retail Space Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • Aldi has leased a 1,500m² retail space for 15 years at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Mosman for $1,000/m²-$1,200/m² gross p.a.

Sydney Office Suite Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • ACCE Investments Group Pty Ltd has leased a 292m² office suite for 5 years at 74 Castlereagh Street, Sydney for $880/m² gross p.a.

Banksmeadow Office Suite Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • Interfreight International has leased a 285m² office suite for 5 years at 1753 Botany Road, Banksmeadow for $218/m² gross p.a.

St Peters Industrial Unit Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • The Henley Group has leased a 628m² industrial unit for 5 years at 24-26 Burrows Road, St Peters for $230/m² gross p.a.


Melbourne Retail Lease Wrap (AFR Pg.33)

  • Nothing to Wear has leased a 52m² retail space for 2 years at 34 River Esplanade, Mooloolaba for $380/m² net p.a.

  • Toorak Op Shop has leased a 150m² retail space for 5 years at 1A Carters Avenue, Toorak for $317/m² net p.a.

  • A private company has leased a 200m² retail space for 3 years at 727 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy for $250/m² net p.a.

Melbourne Office Suite Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • The Mitchellake Group has leased a 190m² office suite for 3 years at 356 Collins Street, Melbourne for $475/m² gross p.a.

Dingley Office and Warehouse Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • Nolan UDA has leased a 2,200m² office and warehouse property for 3 years at 354 Boundary Road, Dingley for $69/m² net p.a.


East Brisbane Warehouse Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

  • Pabs Furniture Rentals has leased a 1,878m² warehouse property for 7 years at 420 Nudgee Road, East Brisbane for $100/m² net p.a.

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