• Patrick Ewing

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New South Wales

North Sydney Office Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

BNM has leased a 470m² office suite for 5 years at 76 Berry Street, North Sydney for $680/m² gross p.a.

Walsh Bay Office Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

St Hilliers has leased a 400m² office suite for 4 years at 8 Windmill Street, Walsh Bay for $750/m² gross p.a.

Regents Park Office and Warehouse Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

A private company has leased a 1,924m² office and warehouse property for 5 years at 391 Park Road, Regents Park for $120/m² net p.a.

Wetherill Park Industrial Unit Leased (AFR Pg.33)

Universal Windows has leased a 383m² industrial unit for 2 years at 25 Redfern Street, Wetherill Park for $110/m² net p.a.


Melbourne Retail Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

Betty’s Burgers has leased a 180m² retail property for 7 years at 97 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne for $2,000/m² p.a.

Port Melbourne Office and Warehouse Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

SC Services has leased a 240m² office and warehouse property at 484 Graham Street, Port Melbourne for $166/m² net p.a.


Fortitude Valley Office Property Leased (AFR Pg.33)

Deployus has leased a 384m² office property for 3 years at 725 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley for $557/m² p.a.

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